Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special News: Rihanna and Chris Brown Drama Escalates!!

Now that it has basically been confirmed that Rihanna was the victim of Chris Brown's physical assault. I could not believe Chris could do something like that, but I am hearing now that the "good boy" image that Brown had is not the complete truth. Several people who know Chris personally says that he has a "dark side" and violent nature. It looks like it is true considering the injuries Rihanna has. A busted lip, a bloody nose, bite marks on her arms and contusions on her face! DAMN!!!! He was basically trying to kill her! Rihanna is now cooperating with the police after that traumatizing event (she was screaming at the hospital, which she was taken into on a gurney, and did not want anyone to touch her) and sadly, has canceled her upcoming birthday party and shows in Malaysia. Chris deserves whatever he gets now! Radio stations having been pulling his songs and Wrigley's Doublemint gum having been pulling his ads, too. I am even contemplating not listening to his song anymore or at least for a long while (until he gets some help for his anger problems!). On the other hand, I am supporting Rihanna all the way; I hope she leaves the jackass and I hope she gets better soon!


Later yesterday, I heard that Chris was choking Rihanna until she went unconscious and by the time she woke up, he was gone! Also, all of this could have started over another woman...and guess who it could have been...Paris Hilton! Supposedly, she sent him a flirty text message and this fight erupted. What kind of man is he! All his secrets are coming to light and I'm not liking at all what I'm hearing! I hope he can defend himself well because all of this is making Chris look worse and worse by the day!

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Anonymous said...

horrible stuff. and whats even worse, he said on the tyra show that he would never hit a woman...
apparently he comes from a family where there was domestic violence.
i'm so glad that i never liked his music or singing to begin with.
its safe to say his career is over