Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mini-Reviews: Superbowl and Katie Couric's Grammy Special

Of course, Sunday's Superbowl game did not interest me, but the performances did! First, the lovely Jennifer Hudson, who made a great comeback after the tragedy of losing her mother, brother and nephew. She was amazing, as usual, and seemed to take the pain she was feeling and put it into "The Star Spangled Banner." She gave our national anthem the spark it needed; even I felt like crying. Ok, it was pre-recorded, but it was still awesome!! It was definitely one of the best performances of the song, up there with Whitney Houston. Love you, J. Hud.

Second, the Halftime show with Bruce Springsteen was great. I bet it would have been better if I was actually there (not because I am that special!) because it would have sounded better (TV just does not show it that well). The Boss said it would be a party and it was, just wish it was longer (only twelve minutes for the Boss, come on). Springsteen and The E Street Band performed "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out," "Born to Run," "Working On a Dream," and "Glory Days" (one of my favorites). It was just excitement from beginning to end. Bruce was so hyped that he even slammed into the camera when he did a slide during one of the performances. Although, at time I was annoyed by his running out of breath while he was singing, which led to him dropping endings of words, he greatly made up for it with his big band. As Steven Van Zandt from the band said it was so "Boss Time!!!"

Grammy Special with Katie Couric: Top 10 Stand-out moments

1) Justin Timberlake trying to prove himself as an "independent" actor and golfer. We'll see...

2) Justin Timberlake said "badass" on broadcast TV. He is such a rebel (NOT!!!!!)

3) Katie Couric's long-sleeved, red shirt does not make her look cool at all!!!

4) No wonder Katy Perry turned out the way she did!!! A mother who dated Jimi Hendrix and a father who was part of an LSD-promoting group led by Timothy Leary, who both became extremely devouted Christians who would let Katy only listen to Sister Act 2 soundtrack. WOW!!!!! Then to make things even weirder, she use to be a blonde (freaked me out!!!), she met Glen Ballard, who produced Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette, he stuck by her after she was dropped by two record labels and she has a Jesus tattoo on her wrist to remind her where she came from and that she can go back. Interesting life, like any other celebrity?

5) Lil' Wayne is more interesting and complex person than I thought!! Although I do not get the huge hype over him (He is a good rapper, but he is not one of the best! I can think of 10 rappers who are better!), I do like him as a person. He is smart and he proved it by stating he had straight A's in school. Wayne looks great in glasses and he likes bowling (one of my favorite things to do). Last, he does not give a damn about what anyone says about him! Now, if he would only get the grills out of his mouth, I would be attracted to him!

6) Lil' Wayne stood up for Marijuana in front of Katie (who seemed scared to say the word "weed") and the whole world!

7) Katie Couric saying "Weezie" does not make her one of Lil' Wayne's peeps now!

8) Justin Timberlake has a bad promotion for fashion line and record label if we never really hear about either (Did you see any of his commercials or know the name of his artist?)

9) Taylor Swift is boring as usual and trying to be funny and "perfect" (which she is not!). I still don't buy her "trying to be cute and innocent" act!! Yet, people keep buying her record and she is still number one! WTF?!!

10) Ne-yo admits that he is a nerd and would wear a pocket protector if Gucci made one! I love him and he is so funny. Plus, I am such a nerd, too, so I agree. Go cool nerds!!!

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