Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Brand New Flavor In Your Ear"

Here's some new music coming at ya!!!

Oasis- I'm Outta Time

One of my favorite British groups, Oasis, is back!!! Their new single, "I'm Outta Time," is so good. It is as good as "Wonderwall!!" The song has a beautiful melody and Liam's voice and lyrics makes it perfect!!!

Hoobastank- My Turn

Another group I love, Hoobastank!!! Not only because the video shows this, but also the song has a Rockband/GuitarHero vibe to it. It's fun to listen to!

Kings of Leon- Use Somebody

Despite having a silly song ("Sex on Fire"), their song "Use Somebody" is really heartfelt and Caleb Followill's voice, as usual, makes the song so much better. Go southern country bands!!!

Robin Thicke- Sweetest Love

Robin is once again proving white guys can have soul, too (and love Black girls!! Ha Ha). He is so smooth and this song proves it even more and it's so sweet and romantic.

and Last but not least....

Mint Condition- Nothing Left to Say

These guys have been around since the early 90s and they keep getting better. "Nothing Left to Say" just shows that there is still good RnB out there in which actual instruments are played.

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