Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

Time again for some new music!

1) Raphael Saadiq- 100 Yard Dash

I love this song and I can't get it out og my head! Raphael is bringing back that classic soul. He sort of reminds me of David Ruffin (from The Temptations)in the video with his glasses. The video reminds me of old James Bond movies.

2) Jazmine Sullivan- Lions, Tigers and Bears

This songs proves that Jazmine Sullivan should have at least tied with Adele for Best New Artist. She has a beautiful voice and she is a very creative songwriter. I like her use of classical sounds for the song and who else would have thought of the line, "I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears." "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" should definitely be a classic and it is about being scared about being in love, which we have all felt at one time or another. Jazmine will soon be a legend!

3) Leona Lewis- I Will Be

Ok, the video makes no sense (she is a criminal on the run? She did something illegal for her man?), but the song is really good! But, why wouldn't it be, it's Leona Lewis! Leona is one of the best and I love this song because it's so emotional (what? I'm an emotional person). Also, cutie Chase Crawford (from Gossip Girl, blah) is in the video. Bonus points!!!

4) Sara Bareilles- Gravity

Sara has another great hit! The lyrics to this song are beautiful and sad, and the piano that is played softly in the background matches Sara's sweet voice perfectly!

5) John Legend- Everybody Knows

At first, I did not like this song or get what it was about, but it has grown on me. "Everybody Knows" is not the best follow-up to "Green Light," but it is still a great John Legend song. It is a song about not listening to everyone else dictate your relationship, but working it out together. Great message. Johnny can do no wrong!

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Anonymous said...

yeah i like 'i will be' but i don't like how it's really avril lavigne's song. i have yet to hear a song from leona that she made herself. i think that's why she wasnt nominated for Best New Artist at the grammys. and lol i agree. the video doesnt make any sense but chace crawford makes up for that.
my sister made me listen to 'lions, tigers & bears' saturday. she is a great singer. she was so underrated going into the grammys.