Friday, February 27, 2009

"And the Grammy Goes To..." Not Bruce Sprinsteen!

During last week's Grammy's, the nominations for Best Song were as follows:

Jai Ho- A.R. Rahman

O Saya- A.R. Rahman


Down to Earth- Peter Gabriel

The winner was Jai Ho, which I do agree was the best song out of the three. However, none of the songs were the best movie song of 2008. None of the songs provided that emotional connection that I needed to call it the Best Oscar Song. They were all too mechanical and absolutely were not masterpieces.

What song should have been nominated and won? Bruce Springsteen's "The Wrestler" was obviously the best. It even won a Golden Globe for chrissake! I was insulted for "The Boss" that he did not win let alone be nominated! This song was heartfelt (could not get entirely lost in Rahman's songs because of the drumbeats), inspirational and was not a corny Pixar song (sorry Peter Gabriel, I still love you!).


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