Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"What Ever Happened to..."

Ever wondered what happened to Stacie Orrico, Anastacia and Sasha? Find out here:

1) Stacie Orrico: The Grammy-nominated soulful and jazz-tinged RnB/Pop singer had a beautiful voice and some great singles, such as "There's Gotta Be More to Life," "Stuck On You," "I'm Not Missing You," and "So Simple." After the latter single, she was gone! Well, the reason for this was that the label she was signed to, Virgin Records, merged with Capitol Records, and so she decided to leave the label. Also, her album Beautiful Awakening was not released. Since then, she has taken a hiatus and took a trip to Africa to help children and infants exposed to AIDS as a volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions. She headlined the "QB Goes Live" concert on March 15 2008 in Cambodia, performing to an audience of over 50,000 at the Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium. In June 2008, a new Stacie song called "Knock 'Em Out" was leaked on the Internet and is believed to be a demo for her new album. Now, she is back in the United States and is currently working on a new album for a 2009/2010 release. I can't wait till it drops!

Stuck On You

There's Gotta Be More To Life

I'm Not Missing You

So Simple

Latest single- Knock Em Out (the song is very different from her other songs; it is more aggressive and hip-hop influenced, but I like it!)

2) Anastacia: I miss "The Queen of Pop/Rock/Soul," better known as Sprock, and her wide voice range. Although she is well-known in Europe and Australia, very little of her music is released here in her native country. Her voice always amazed me. Songs like "I'm Outta Love," "One Day in Your Life," and "Left Outside Alone" made me fall in love with her sound. She even dealt with having breast cancer, which she can proudly say she is a survivor. Anastacia, as did Stacie Orrico, decided to take a break from the music industry. After her hiatus, she performed "Superstar" at the Concert for Diana in July 2007, which was a tribute concert for Princess Diana. In August 2007, she said she was working on a new album and clothing line. Her fourth album, Heavy Rotation, was released in October 2008 and she plans to release it in other places in 2009. The new album features collaborations with producers Ne-Yo, The Heavyweights, Lester Mendez, JR Rotem and Rodney Jerkins. The album's three singles are called "I Can Feel You," "Absolutely Positively," and "Defeated." I hope she releases it here!

I'm Outta Love

One Day In Your Life

Left Outside Alone

Everything Burns

Heavy Rotation

Absolutely Positively

3) Sasha: Remember the song "I'm Still In Love With You" featuring Sean Paul? Then, it seemed that Sasha would be just another one hit wonder, never to be heard from again. The dancehall singer/rapper/ DJ is still working on music in Jamaica and has released singles like "Runaway with Me," "Depths of My Heart," and "Daddy," but none of them are as good as her hit single.

I'm Still In Love With You

Runaway with Me

Sexy Body (she co-wrote this one)

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Don't Want to Be Alone w/ Turbulence

We Got the Love w/ Turbulence

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i used to love that stacie orrico song so much- more to life. the chorus still pops into my head from time to time