Friday, March 13, 2009

"Feeling Lucky?"

Once again, for the second month in a row, it is Friday the Thirteenth. Now, I know there is a superstition connected with this day as a day of bad luck. But I do not believe in this superstition; bad things happen all the time regardless of what day it is. Plus, I have never really had a bad Friday the Thirteenth. So, I am going to make this a day of good luck with some lucky songs.

1) Jason Mraz w/ Colby Caillat- Lucky

2) Mick Jagger- Lucky in Love

3) Radiohead- Lucky

4) Frank Sinatra- Luck Be a Lady

5) Dragonnette- Get Lucky

6) Pat Benatar- Lucky

7) Jon Bon Jovi- Lucky

8) Mary Carpeneter- I Feel Lucky

9) The Verve- Lucky Man

10) Sasha- Lucky Day

11) Bruce Springsteen- Lucky Day

12) Judy Garland- Lucky Day

13) Kellie Pickler- Lucky Girl

14) Cloud Cult- Lucky Today

15) Jagged Edge- Good Luck Charm

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