Saturday, March 7, 2009

Special News: Rihanna and Chris Brown Drama Still Escalating!!!

Please Rihanna, don't be another typical domestic abuse victim, who crawls back to the abuser!!!!

Just two weeks after Chris Brown almost killed his girlfriend, Rihanna, she decided to get back with him. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, he seemed so happy and carefree on a jet ski while staying with her at Diddy's house! Is his long-term memory that bad that he cannot remember what he did only a few weeks before. 

Finally, after all of this, Chris Brown has been charged with two felony accounts of assault and criminal threats. Rihanna's parents have begged her to testify, but supposedly she is "wavering." She said she wants to testify, but wants to give Chris a second chance. What is even worse is the 19-year old Chris was seen partying in a club the night he was arraigned on the charges. This is the type of guy she wants to give a second chance! He does not even seem remorseful! I hope she wakes up and tells him it's over!

Read the LAPD affadavit that describes what Chris did to Rihanna (click on post title). It is really horrible! Basically, people are labeling his assault as "psychotic," and I agree completely. Moreover, the picture that was released of Rihanna does not compare to another picture that the detectives have that was taken right after the attack. They say it is way more gruesome and if it is released, Brown's career will be even more worse off than it is now. I think their needs to be an intervention  for Rihanna to get away from Chris and for her to see that it is not safe for her to stay with him! For Chris, he needs a whole lot more than help right now!

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