Friday, March 6, 2009

"What Ever Happened to..."

Ever hear a song from an artist that you liked and then he or she seemed to just disappear? Well, in this feature I will discuss what happened to them and play some of their videos.

1) Fefe Dobson: When she came out with her singles, "Take Me Away" and "Everything," I liked her pop punk rock sound (and she is friends with Avril Lavigne), but then I did not hear from her again after those two songs. It turns out that she did make a second album, called Sunday Love, but it was never released because she was dropped from Island Records. Ouch! After being dropped, she went independent and recorded her third album. Surprisingly, she co-wrote Miley Cyrus's song "Start All Over" (one of the few songs I like from her), but it was not as huge a hit as I wanted. So far, she had released "Watch Me Move" on her Myspace. In January 2009, she mentioned in an interview that she will release her first single and video soon! Yeah!

Take Me Away


Don't Go (Boys and Girls) w/ Drake Bell

Watch Me Move (Her latest single)

2) Fatty Koo: After watching their video for "Bounce," I thought this group would be the next big thing. They were formed on BET's version of Making the band and it was called Blowing Up: Fatty Koo. The group was made of three girls and three guys, who could all play instruments. However, the group has went "off the air," and with no explanation at all. Even their website is gone. Suspicious! I just hope they come back somehow because I really liked them.



3) Da Band: Wow! This is one group I do not really miss at all! It seems like every group that Diddy creates on Making the Band goes to the crapper! First Da Band, now Danity Kane. I knew these music reality shows were not that good. It forces people who barely know each other to be within a group and form a chemistry between each other that they might not have to begin with (I will discuss this in one of my later music notes)! Anyways, this group was wack from the beginning. They constantly fought with each other and Diddy constantly embarrassed them. Remember the cheesecake incident (If not, Diddy made the whole group walk from Midtown to Brooklyn to buy him some cheesecake! Ridiculous!) After the group was criticized for being a fake Hip-hop group, Diddy decided to disband them. Now the remaining memebers have to prove their MCs. Good Luck with that! (The only member I liked was the singer, Sara Stokes, and she did not fit in that group at all!)

Bad Boy This and Bad Boy That


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whatever happened to stacie orricio (or however you spell it i'm not sure). she was so good. i dont know where she is now