Monday, January 19, 2009

"Who's That..." Artists of the Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!! And Inauguration Day Eve for Barack Obama!!! MLK would have been proud!!!

Time for another session of "Who's That..." Artists of the Day

1) Chester French: I like these guys' style. They sound like the 60's rock groups (e.g. Beatles) with a little Hip-hop and R&B in them. Talib Kweli, one of my favorite rappers, worked with them. Also, they are great producers. Pharell and Lupe Fiasco gave them two thumbs up!! How cool is that!!!

She Loves Everybody

Jimmy Choo's

Excuse Me Miss Remix (C.F. produced)

Talib Kweli ft. Chester French

2) Bria Valente: She is Prince's protege and her first single was produced by him. I can see why Prince chose her. Bria has a smooth voice that reminds of Sade or Chante Moore and she is beautiful.

Here Eye Come

3) Richie Spice: Another man who takes after Bob Marley. His voice is beautiful and his songs are socially conscious. He may not be "OMG" cute, but he is talented. I can not get any of his songs out of my head.

Youth Em Cold

Earth N Run Red

Brown Skin (my favorite at this moment)

World is a Cycle

4) Tanya Stephens: She is called the "Female Bob Marley," which is justifiable because her music has great messages and is reminscent of the reggae from the past that people loved. However, sometimes her voice can be annoying (she sounds better live or acoustic), so Caveat!

These Streets

Can't Breathe

Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet

Little White Lie

It's a Pity

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