Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

Here we are again! New day with new songs by artists we know and love!!

1) Natasha Bedingfield: We all know her from her hits "These Words," "Unwritten", "Pocketful of Sunshine," and "Angel," but now she has a new single called, "Soulmate", which is probably her best song so far. I love how Natasha's voice is not over the top like other singers and yet can give so much emotion. Also, the message in the song strikes a chord with me: Is there really a soulmate for everyone?


2) Fall Out Boy: Their follow-up single "America's Suitehearts" once again shows how much FOB is against the whole Hollywood and celebrity machine. That is why I love them! Not only is the song awesome (it's FOB, why wouldn't it be!), but also their video is hilarious and creative (making fun of Paris a lot). However, since I can't embed it here, you can only listen to it, but definitely check it out on youtube!

America's Suitehearts

3) Shinedown: This band, who formed in 2001, has already released three albums. If you like contemporary hard rock groups such as Daughtry, Seether and Creed, you will love Shinedown. I wish I found out about them earlier. Their new song, "Second Chance," is a powerful rock song and it's about letting go, moving on and starting over.

Second Chance

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