Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Who's That..." Artists of the Day

Time for "Who's That..." Artists of the Day again! :

1) B.O.B: New and upcoming rapper from Atlanta. I saw him on a short MTV News clip and decided to check him out. He was the best out of all the rappers presented on it. His songs have hot beats and are catchy!!! Plus, he is one of the few new rappers who actually have something to say when they rap!!!

I'll Be In the Sky

Grip Your Body feat. Amy Winehouse

Mellow Fellow

2) Atmosphere: Independent rap group from Minnesota that have been around since the early nineties. The two members are Slug (Rapper) and Ant (DJ/Producer). Their style is very different from mainstream hip-hop today. It is more laidback and introspective. They sound almost like Everlast later in his career.





You (acoustic)

3) Brandi Carlile: A folk (with a hint of country) rock singer with an amazing voice (Pasty Cline mixed with Mellisa Etheridge)! I can't get her songs out of my head! Her lyrics are thought-provoking, and her songs sometimes makes me want to cry. She's definitely worth listening to! (BTW: Her videos are beautiful too, but I couldn't embed them, so check it out on youtube!)

The Story


Closer to You

4) Les Nubians: Two sisters from France and Chad (Africa) who have a Sade meets Floetry vibe. I love their songs!


Sweetest Taboo ft. the Roots

Temperature Rising

5) Joanna Cotten: She's a soulful, bluesy country girl and I like her sassiness when she sings!


High Maintenance 

6) The Knux: Brothers from New Orleans with an old school hip-hop flava. I basically call them a cooler version of Kid N Play and if you don't know who they are look them up!!! Cool Nerds, yeah!!!

Bang Bang


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