Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve Performances

Happy New Years everyone!

Last night as I watched Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve, a few thoughts came to my mind.

Despite the great performances from the Jonas Brothers, Ne-yo, Natasha Bedingfield, Fall Out Boy, Solange and Lionel Richie, there were a few eye and ear sores of the evening:

1) Having to hear Taylor Swift sing. Seriously I do not see what is so special about her music. I find her boring, yet she has the number one album in the country. Go figure!

2) Jesse McCartney gets on my nerves. He is so a Justin Timberlake wannabe. Even with two black background singers, he still did not look cool!

3) Sadly, Will.I.Am without the Black Eyed Peas is like plain white rice, he is boring! He has lost his way, boo hoo!

4) I love Solange, but what was up with her eyeshadow. She looked as if someone smacked her across the face with a yellow paintbrush!

5) Pussycat Dolls trying to dance in freaking tight leather pants is awkward!! Tight does not always equal sexy, especially if you cannot move in it.

6) Last but not least, the awkward moments of Joe Jonas having to stand inches away from Taylor Swift. As you may know, Taylor Swift has been going around telling everyone she can about how Joe broke up with her on the phone in 25 seconds (Another reason I don't like her!!) So, sitting there watching made me laugh so hard and at the same time I felt so bad for Joe. It must have been weird. I could also see Taylor trying to hide behind Lionel Richie. Again, hilarious!!

That's my litte review of the show! Enjoy!


k1zuna said...

Happy New Year Reese!
I find Taylor Swift extremely boring also. Her voice is not special, she doesn't have a good range/octave, and NOTHING IS GREAT ABOUT HER! Yet her album keeps coming back and topping other great songs on iTunes. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

i know! taylor swift can't sing and her songs arent even that good. i dont understand why so many people like her.
and lol i agree with the jesse mccartney thing.