Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Who's That..." Artists of the Day

Welcome again to Reese's Ear Candy! This is another feature of my blog called "Who's That..." in which I post videos and songs of artists you may have not heard of from the present and the past:

1) The Answer: I recently heard this group and thought they were awesome! They are from Ireland and they remind me of the 60s and 70s heavy metal rock bands that I love...

2) The Noisettes: This is a band from England that I found out about recently. The Brits are taking over again! I like their songs, they are different than other bands and the lead singer has a jazzy rock sound to her voice. Listen to "Count of Monte Christo" on youtube. I couldn't get it on here, but here are songs I liked.  Maybe I'll be in a band like that one day. Just hoping...

3) Sia: She's quirky, adorable and her songs are beautiful.

4) Al Bowlly: He is a British Jazz singer from the 1930's. I was reading an interview of Adrien Brody and came across that he likes him. I checked him out and he sounds nice.

Enjoy and check other songs by these artists on youtube!!

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