Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black Music Month #24: Afropunk!!!! Part 2!!!!

Here is my recap of Sunday's performances:

1) Galaxy of Tar: Oops, I came too late and missed their performance, but I bought theird CD for a $1 (great bargain), maybe I'll review it later.

Find more videos like this on AFRO-PUNK

2) Bad Rabbits: Did I mention I love these guys and I made it time to see them! Woohoo! Let me tell you that Dua can SANG, not sing, but SANG!!!!! Just as The 54, why aren't these guys more commercially successful; I could dance all day to them!

3) Martin Luther: This man is SEXY (sorry, I had to mention it) and he is the epitome of a rock star continuing in the line of Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Lenny Kravitz, as well as very conscious. Moreover, he has a band made up of mostly females (on drums, lead guitar and keyboard), how incredible is that!

4) J'Davey: I am still on the fence with this duo. I can bob my head to the beats, but Jack Davey's voice still irks me. Sometimes it works, as on the songs, "Slooow" and "Get Together," but then other times she sounds like a squeaky little girl. I guess it just takes getting use to, I will eventually.

5) 24-7 Spyz: Soul and Heavy Metal together sounds crazy, but for this group, who has been together over twenty years, it works! It worked so much that I bought their CD and DVD, resulting in a free T-shirt for me (did I mention that I love free stuff!)

Don't Break My Heart

6) Cubic Zirconia: Seeing the lead singer, Tiombe Lockhart, in lace and hearing songs like "Hoes Come Out At Night," she reminded me of a mix between Lil' Kim and Betty Davis and add in a African club dancer...take from that what you will...


7) K-OS: Think Will.I.Am mixed with the comments I made about P.O.S., and you got him!

Sunday Morning

8) The Cool Kids: What can I say, as their name implies they were cool, especially Mikey Rocks with his nerdy glasses. Plus Kid Cudi came out as a surprise guest....maybe I was waiting for this next guy...

I'm Mikey

9) MOS DEF!!! What a way to end a jam-packed good music festival! He had me in love with his skullcap, nerdy suspenders and red microphone; he just looked like a beautiful nerd! Like my friend said, "I feel as if I am in church." Yep, we were in the church of Mos Def and us his faithful followers. He had us dancing, swaying, laughing and much more! Just watch the awesomeness below:

Honorable Mention: Supernatural

He was not an official performer, but this rapper had my attention with his quick-witted freestyles from both days. Not only could he make up rhymes on the spot based on what people had in their hand (he even did one about a tampon), but he could also impersonate other rappers, like Biggie, Slick Rick and Busta Rhymes. Definitely check him out:

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