Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black Music Month #11: The Island of Barbados

Today, when many people think of music artists from Barbados, only one person comes to mind: Rihanna. Well, I am not extremely fond of her and since my mom is from Barbados, I feel slightly irritated that she is the representative for the island. So, I would like to present some other Bajan artists who, I believe, are a hundred times better than her. (P.S. I have a crush on these next two guys, hehe)

Via Black Voices

Hal Linton:

Hailing from the sunny shores of Barbados, singer-songwriter Hal Linton is definitely a new artist to be in the lookout for with his brew of R&B soul music.

Winning the Barbados Music Award was just a prelude to the success this smooth crooner is poised for.

Signed to Universal Motown Records, R&B's newest star has music industry titan Sylvia Rhone in his corner and a debut opus, 'Return From The Future,' due out later this year.

In celebration of Black Music Month, presents an exclusive performance of Hal Linton performing tracks from the eagerly anticipated project.


Mind Control

Dances In the Mirror

Hey Love

Southern Hospitality

Lock My Heart Down

Philip 7:

Philip Scantlebury and his band, Masala, gives Barbados a different sound with his alternative rock edge. Starting off with a R&B group named Suave, and an acoustic blues and soul band named Acoustic Blue, his interest in rock music grew out of the latter band. Later, Acoustic Blue changed their name to Le Groove and had a couple of hits with "Without You" and "Where Were You."

After leaving the band, he worked on the Toni Norville Project, formed a band with Kirk Browne called The Strategy, and finally in 2005 formed his current band, Masala. The 7-piece band is comprised of some of Barbados' best musicians who play a wide range of music styles. Local producer, Gary Serrao of Gee Wiz Studios was so impressed by Philip that he introduced him to Canadian music producer, Derek Brin, kicking Philip's career into overdrive. Barbados was also impressed and gave him the “Best Rock/Alternative Artist” award at the 3rd annual Barbados Music Awards

Looking For

Beautiful Surprise

Open Mic

Album Launch


Danah is a Barbados-based duo, comprised of Dana Ward and David Thomas. Debuting with the album, Out of Darkness, the alternative pop duo have appeared at the Barbados Jazz Festival, and opened for several Gospel acts. They received seven Flame Gospel Awards and two Martin Awards. Recently, they signed to ACM Records in NYC after winning an internet music competition at

One of Us

I Never Knew


Shontelle is a singer-songwriter who is signed to SRC Records and is the niece of one of Barbados' most popular artists, Kim Derrick. Another interesting fact, she was in the Cadets and actually was a drill sergeant over RHIANNA!!! Shontelle also wanted to be lawyer and attended the University of the West Indies for Entertainment Law. She even had an international hit with the girl-power anthem, "Roll It," which was later covered by fellow Bajan, Alison Hinds. Her first album is "Shontelligence" and is out now, while her second album, No Gravity, will be released later this year.



Battle Cry

Roll It

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