Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Music Month #21: "Listen Up!" Young Women's Voices in Hip-Hop

"Listen Up!" Young Women's Voices in Hip-Hop - A Summer Arts Program in DC



About "Listen Up!" The young woman's voice in Hip-Hop

This summer, we will create original hip-hop theatre driven by the interests of the young women and girls in the program. Our work will take place inside a supportive and nurturing environment that challenges them to become self-actualized. Participants will have the opportunity and produce all aspects of their own show while learning about the elements of hip-hop and West African drumming.

* Explore hip-hop's elements of Fashion, Breaking, Beatboxing, Rhyme/Rap and Knowledge of Culture & Self
* Investigate the roles of young women in hip-hop
* Learn performance techniques and ensemble creation
* Learn West African drumming, dancing and rhythms and how they have influenced hip-hop music and culture
* Create and perform an original play

Project location: Washington, DC

The Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project strives to create a safe space for young women to build community, and to fearlessly express their authentic selves through drumming, spoken word poetry, song, movement and performance.

About The Saartjie Project
The Saartjie Project (pronounced Sar-key) is a black women artist collective producing and developing theatre through collaborative processes. We are committed to working together consistently to develop a distinctive body of work and practices reflective of who we are.

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