Monday, June 28, 2010

Black Music Month #23: Afro-punk!!!!!!

Last weekend, I attended Afropunk for the first time and all I have to say is .....DAMN!!!!!! Ok, I actually have more to say than that, but it was so amazing that this is my initial reaction. I regret forgetting to bring my camera, because there were so many camera worthy moments (oh well, there is youtube and other people who took pictures, haha). Besides the death-defying stunts of the skateboarders and bikers, here are some of the highlights of the weekend for me:


1) Belikos: I swear that Aaron Orr's style, one of the lead vocalists, reminded me of Larry Dodson from the Bar-Kays. Two things about this rock/hip-hop band that caught my attention: their rendintion of Jay-Z's "I Just Wanna Love You (Give It to Me)" and they were the only band to give out free CDs (hey, I like free stuff! haha)

2) God Forbid and Cipher: Generally, I do not like Hardcore/Thrash/Death metal as much as other rock genres, but for some reason, these two groups sounded so much better live. Also, finding out about the lead singer of Cipher's, Moe Mitchell, background (he graduated from Howard and was the president of Ubiquity) and meaning of his lyrics, I am much more interested now.

God Forbid

Find more videos like this on AFRO-PUNK

Privilege by Cipher

3) P.O.S. - What more can I say - He can rap and sing, he is both Hip-hop and Rock, he has lyrics that makes you think- I'm done!

4) Game Rebellion: Having their own personal performance at the Truth truck, these guys were the first band to actually a mash pit started as well as Netic's getting on top of the truck and short-circuiting a microphone, you can guess what kind of performance that was!

5) NinjaSonik: Sorry, no comment.....actually one: I found them irritating....(no videos will be found here of them)

6) The Bots: What the hell??!!! These boys are not even in high school yet (the younger brother on drums looks like he is ten), and are rocking way more than some people twice or three times their age. Another addition to my jealousy of child prodigies, LOL.

I Like Your Style

7) The 54: Besides the lead singer's cuteness (sorry I had to mention it and don't tell him I said that), this Atlanta band is on par with most of the commercial rock bands out there, so why are they not more famous? Just asking.

8) Bad Brains: These guys have been performing over 30 years and are still F***ing awesome! Even though H.R. had a rag over his head (probably because it was hot as hell), I felt the love. How can you go wrong with a band that mixes Reggae and Heavy metal!

Jah Love

From 1980 performance

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