Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Thoughts On Michael Jackson

I just felt as if I should reflect on his life as an artist and a person...

As an artist and entertainer, Michael Jackson was on the top and no one can top him. In his lifetime, he sold over 750 million records, had dozens of hits and has influenced almost every single artist who came after him from Beyonce to Fall Out Boy. Yes, I thought he was weird, but most geniuses are eccentric. Yes, I thought his behavior was bizarre and was wondering why the hell he was doing that to his face. But, I thought that was a cry for help because he felt so alone. It is lonely at the top, especially when you receive fame and wealth at such a young age. Also, since he had such as boy-like nature, he was a bit naive, which got him into legal trouble a lot and he did not trust the right people. However, I never thought he was a bad person. I felt he had very good intentions and was a very good person, just he did not have the support system around him to keep him well. People wanted his money, some of those who worked for him and the media circus around him that wanted to bring him down. They tried to put anything negative on him to distract us from the fact that he was a great artist, entertainer and humanitarian. Still his true fans knew the truth. I know he had his demons and I am not saying he was perfect, but he was a victim of everything that surrounded him. In the end, all the trouble he went through weakened him. I have and always will love him! RIP Michael.

A lifelong fan,


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