Monday, June 8, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

Delivering a truckload of new music to you:

1) The Fray - Never Say Never

Again, why do musicians keep releasing a weak first single. After I heard "You Found Me," I thought it was okay, but I felt it was sentimental just to be sentimental. It did not have the same strong feeling as "How to Save a Life." Now the Fray has released "Never Say Never," and the song is both meaningful and powerful, the latter was a quality that the first single did not have. "Never Say Never" is reminiscent of the "epic-sounding" Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" and should be a bigger hit than it is now.

Official Video:

2) Mandy Moore - Any of the Day of the Week

Mandy Moore is back and has gone country. It is very catchy and I can imagine myself line-dancing to it. However, the video is kind of stupid. Most of the video she is just standing there with a mean look on her face staring at martial artists and then at the end kicks one of them in the balls. At least that part was hilarious!

Official Video:

3) Cage the Elephant - Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Velvet Underground meets The Raconteurs -- great lyrics, great music, great video, the end! (I was suppose to put this video up earlier, but I kept forgetting. Sorry!)

Official Video:

4) Elliot Yamin - Fight for Love

Elliot Yamin's voice is beautiful but it is way better than his songs. Don't get me wrong, his songs are good, but they are a bit mawkish (look it up!) in their delivery, especially for his voice.

5) 311 - Hey You

Just as their album suggests, this song is uplifting. Definitely a summer anthem! Plus, the guy with the advertising board is cool!

6) Diane Birch - Nothing But a Miracle

Diane Birch's voice is amazing and soulful; she reminds me of Joni Mitchell and Carol King. Listen to "So Far Away" by Carol King and you will understand.

7) Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me

Taking Back Sunday is just pure fun! Adam and his voice are on fire!

8) Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

For some reason, the live version of this song that I heard on American Idol was better. Maybe because she had more attitude singing it and I could actually hear the background singers, which made it stronger. The beginning of the recorded version is weaker and I expected the video to be darker and a bit creepier. But I guess Jordin too much of a good girl to portray that image. Oh well. In the end, it is a great song, mainly because Ryan from One Republic co-wrote it.

9) Billy Boy on Poison - On My Way

First of all, the video was directed by Kiefer Sutherland. How cool is that! Bringing 60s pychadelic and 70s glam rock sound to today, this group is one of my new favorite bands!

10) Mos Def - Casa Bey

One of my favorite rappers of all time, Mos Def, is back with a new album. He is who I call a true rapper and he never fails to deliver with the ill beats and lyrics. Not only that, but he is also showing his singing voice. "Don't stop his go!" I just don't want to be that close to his face as shown in his video; can you please zoom out a bit! He's still cute though.

11) Kristina Debarge - Goodbye

Debarge's daughter definitely has her father, Jame's, talent. However, again her voice is better than the song. Still, it is pretty good for her first song and a good summer dance song.

12) Jonas Brothers - Fly With Me

Once again, I know a lot you do not like them, so I will keep it short. It is a beautiful song, especially Nick's piano playing at the beginning. Two songs I like already off their new album. This might be a good one!

13) Kings of Leon - Notion

Third song to prove why Kings of Leon rock! At times it does take a few listens to get use to their songs, but once you do, you cannot deny that they are one of the best bands out there right now. Caleb voice is gritty and it is just the way I like it! No one can sing this song better than him.

14) The Knux - Fire

Another song that I have been meaning to put on here earlier, but kept forgetting (so many songs, so little time). If you think Hip-hop is dead, then just listen to this and you will be proven wrong. Smart rapper who actually say something and so not just rely on the beat still exist. Nerdy rappers 4 life!

Official Video:

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