Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

Breathe in, breathe out, count to ten and listen to some new music!

1) Beyonce - Ego

Beyonce should just change her name to Sasha Fierce. So far, I have liked the Sasha Fierce character better than Beyonce herself. First "Single Ladies," then "Diva," and now "Ego." Thank you Beyonce for giving the word "ego" a good name because there is nothing wrong with having a little confidence. On the other hand, why is all of her videos in black and white and the video for this song feels like a combination of the videos for "Diva" and "Single Ladies." Boring! She could have at least let the video go to color after a few seconds.

P.S. I do love her hair in this video! It is fierce like a lion!

Broken Hearted Girl

As a said before, the "Beyonce" side is a little dreary. Spice it up a little! I wish she would do a song like "Listen" again. It was strong yet sensitive.

2) Redman/Methodman ft. Saukretes - A-yo

The dynamic duo of Methodman and Redman are back! They have good lyrics, hot beat, and a catchy chorus -- great formula. Old school rappers are bringing Hip-hop back and I am loving it!

3) Wondergirls- Nobody

This Korean group and their song are adorable and they will be touring with the Jonas Brothers! Woohoo!

4) Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush Hush Hush

The beginning of this song should have been the way the entire song sounded because it was more heartfelt. Having the disco vibe after ruined it for me. It reminds me too much of Danity Kane's "Damaged." Ewww! If it had a slower beat, it would have worked better. However, I do like the "I Will Surive" reference at the end.

5) Bobby Tinsley - What About Bob? (Throwback song - 2008)

I like this guy's laidback singing. He is reminding me of Frankie J and he seems more genuine than other singers out there (probably because he is using his real naturDave Matthews Band, al voice). A beautifully done and relaxing song.

6) Dave Matthews Band - Funny the Way It Is

Doesn't Dave look insane in this video! The lyrics make me feel guilty about being happy while others are suffering. Or maybe he is just saying life is full of ups and downs for everyone, so while we are up, we should help those who are down. Or maybe that this world is just crazy and keeps getting worse. Or maybe ... I should stop thinking. Weird video though, but great, thought-provoking song.

Official Video -

7) Shinedown- Sound of Madness

Shinedown rock! The title definitely describes what the song sounds like, but ironically, the song has a positive message. Scary video, but it has a good ending. Wake up and fight for yourself and others!

8) Kanye West - Paranoid

I am tired of Kanye trying to sing and I wish he would go back to full time. However, at the same time, "Paranoid" is actually cool, mostly due to the haunting video with Rihanna in it and the chorus that Kanye does not sing on. It is very different than the other sing-songy tracks that he put out before and I like it.

9) The Dream ft. Kanye West - Walking On the Moon

The Dream is not that great of an artist and "Walking On the Moon" is ok, but I cannot get any of his songs out of my head, including this one. It is like Akon all over again! He's best when he is collaborating with someone else. Still, once again, Kanye ruins the song by putting himself on it!

Official Video:

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