Monday, August 31, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

Paramore -Ignorance

I thought I loved their first album, until I heard this song! The song and the video sound and look are more raw and in a good way, too. (P.S. I know I used too many "ands." Ha. But that's how excited I am!)

Selena Gomez and The Scene - Falling Down

Why do I like this song? I cannot stand the chorus, I do not love Selena as a singer and she sings "You" strangely. However, the verses, the hook and the bridge are so catchy and I love how she sings "darling." Oh, the confusion in my head! On the bright side, this is not a typical Disney sound, so thumbs up to that!

Maya Azucane - Get It Together

I am always a fool for a positive song and a song like this should be one of those songs belonging to a new Civil Right Movement for our generation.

Paolo Nutini- Candy

He sounds older, but in a good way, a very good way! I feel like I am in the 70s with Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkle, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and the other singer-songwriters. It is such a beautiful song and definitely what I call a love song!

Laura Izibor - Don't Stay

Simply, her voice and this song have so much soul and depth and I can listen to her all day if I had to! I know it is sad song, but it still makes me smile!

Laura Izibor - Don't Stay

Ginuwine - Trouble

Ginuwine is back to his old sound and I am liking it! The plus is I can listen to this song and not feel disgusted!

Colby Calait - Falling For You

One word - adorable!

Official Video:

Digital Girl ft. Drake, The Dream & Kanye West - Digital Girl

When it comes to Drake's verse, I am feeling it, but right after his verse, the song goes downhill and I stop listening. At least Drake gaining a little of my respect again, especially after the "Best I Ever Had" video, the Blackberry Freestyle and that terrible "Forever" song.

Update: Listened to "Successful" and he lost a little of my respect again!

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