Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

Truckload of new music on its way to you now....

Maxwell - Bad Habits

Talk about hot in here! Maxwell knows how to make anything sound so romantic and sexy! Also, the video with Kerry Washington is classy and naughty at the same time! Go, Maxwell!

Brendon Urie, Cee-lo, Janelle Monae, Patrick Stump, Travis McCoy - Open Happiness

The song and the video put a smile on my face! The plus is that everyone in the song are some of my favorite artists! Woohoo! Too bad it is for a Coca Cola commercial because I don't really drink it anymore. Oh well.

B.O.B (Bobby Ray) - Put Me On

Again, showing you what real Hip-hop is! Sampling Tribe Called Quest's Bonita Applebaum, this guy can sing and rap (unlike Lil' Wayne who makes no sense or steals rhymes and Soulja Boy who has no flow). I feel like I am back in the early 90s with this guy, when Hip-hop was at its peak.

Tanya Morgan - So Damn Down

Another Hip-hop track that should be on the top of the charts and should be a classic, too. I am loving the Jazzy feel to this song! These guys should be more popular.

Ledisi - Going Through Changes

Ledisi is amazing. Sultry, natural, beautiful - this is what R&B should sound like now. Just like Maxwell, she can make something that is bad or painful sound so good.

K'Jon - On the Ocean

Speaking of what R&B should sound like...This is my "feel good" music. It reminds of Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" because of its eeriness, but it also sounds like the positive sequel to the song.

Official Video:

Jet - She's a Genius

I want to think this song is about me...haha! Jet is exciting and rocking, but what's with the video. I think the director was having some editing problems, ran out of film footage or high, and why is the girl in a wookie costume?

Bat for Lashes - Sleep Alone

This song sounds like something a minstrel would sing at a Renaissance fair mixed with the creepiness in a horror movie...I love it!

Amie Mirello - Brand New

Why am I always attracted to interesting-sounding voices? Amie's sound is like a mix of country, jazz and blues. The song feels genuine and fresh (just as fresh-faced as she looks). Two thumbs up and I hope to hear more from her!

Urban Rock Band - Black Morning

They call themselves Hip-hop meets the Beatles and I say more at Pearl Jam with this song. More creative and different than a lot of the mainstream garbage out there. Once again, proof that Hip-hop is not dead, one just has to seep through the trash floating above!

Thenewno2 - Yomp

If you know my favorite bands from the 60s to now, you will understand why I like this group and the song. I guess being George Harrison's son has its benefits! Dhani!

3 Doors Down - Let Me Be Myself

Most people have probably heard this song from the Geico commercial with the cavemen, well the video expands on this concept. When I think about it the song is too good to have a video like this; it distracts my attention from the emotional and uplifting element of the song. The song can be a hit without the funny gimmick of the cavemen.

Official Video:

Heavy D - No Matter What

Leave Heavy D alone! Stop trying to put the guy in a box; he is not the greatest reggae singer in history, but he is pretty good and the song is sweet!

Seether - Careless Whisper

A rock version of a classic George Michael song? I am not sure about this one, but Shaun's voice is great as usual. On the other hand, what's up with the "video game" video? I understand the 80s references, but am I suppose to laugh instead of take the song seriously?

Tyler Woods - Slow Jam/Relations

K'Jon and Tyler are my R&B heroes right now! Tyler is bringing back the old school slow jam. I am starting to beleive his statement that he is the next Curtis Mayfield and shouts to 9th wonder for introducing such talent.

Matisyahu - One Day

My favorite Reggae Jew is back! Matisyahu always finds a way to bring light and joy to my day!

Now for the so-so stuff....

Shakira - She Wolf (Loba)

What happened to the old Shakira, the one with darker colored hair and a guitar? Is it just me or is she trying too hard to be liked by the mainstream audience? Or maybe she just has too much bleach in her hair and the fumes are distorting her judgment. I guess after a while the song started to grow on me and it is good to dance to, but it is just not her best song.

Mariah Carey - Obsessed

Mariah Carey is another singer who I miss the old version of, but I do like the song and the video is funny (sorry, Em).

Official Video:

Jeremih - Imma Star

"Birthday Sex" made me sick, but at least this song is better, not great, but better. I just wish these guys who are not even that huge would stop bragging about how much they have or how hot they are when they probably do not have anything yet!

And finally for the biggest offender of them all...Soulja Boy and his S.O.D. Money Gang

S.O.D. Money Gang - Outer Space Flow

Wow! Okay, people, just because he is beats are good and he is making money does not mean Soulja Boy is a good rapper at all. He has no flow! As soon as he started rapping, I wanted to puch him out! However, I will admit that he is better, especially after "Crank Dat Soulja Boy."

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