Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear" (Update)

Time again for some new music, and with a few returnees! Woohoo!

Fefe Dobson - I Want You/Watch Me Move

Fefe's Back! I love these songs and I can't stop listening to them! "I Want You" is reminiscent of The Ramones, simple but rocking! "Watch Me Move" is simply hot and she looks like Mick Jagger while dancing!

Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna - Run This Town

To put it simply, I am glad Kanye is rapping again, Rihanna's nasally voice fits the dark vibe of the video and song, but Jay-Z does not really fit in with the song. Also, the video makes me think of a cult version of "California Love" with Tupac and Dr. Dre. However, the song is not as epic as they might have wanted it to be. The song is good, not great, but good.

Jay-Z click here

Mary J Blige - I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Tyler Perry and Mary J. Blige together are legendary! Powerhouse performances in both hise movies and her songs. Enough said!

Dwele - Travelin' Girl

Underground R&B and Soul is so much better than mainstream R&B and this guy is one reason why. Ever since I heard "I'm Cheating," I have loved his voice, sound and lyrics. This song has a strong horn section and Dwele's smooth voice fits it perfectly.

Creed - My Own Prison

Another artist that has returned! Creed proves that you can be a Christian artist, and still be just as good as any rock band out there and be real! Being a Christian is not always happy times, but at the same you have hope in the cross and this song puts that on my heart.

Adam Sandler - Real Love

After seeing "Funny People" and hearing this song, I want Adam to release a full Adam. The only time I have heard him sing was when he was doing SNL skits or a comedy album, but he needs to do a serious album because he has a sweet voice and he would make John Lennon proud if he heard this cover!

Pink - Funhouse

Pink can always take a song with a sad undertone and make it fun to listen to. She is as explosive as her video!

Miley Cyrus - Party In the USA

My problem with this song is that Miley is not right for it. It has the potential to be a good song and the melody is good, but when she opens her mouth, it sounds awkward and I do not like it as much.

Honor Society - Where Are You Now

Hearing this song makes me want to go see Bandslam. At first, I did not want to like this group because I thought they would sound like the Jonas Brothers and I do not like copycats, but they are actually good. Good choice, Jonas Brothers!

Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill/I Look to You

Our last returnee, Whitney! Once I got past the weird note at the beginning, I realized that the song has a nice old school "feel good" vibe to it and even though her voice does not sound as good as it did before, Whitney can still out-sing a lot of other singers out there now.

Not one of her powerhouse performances, but it is still a good song for her return and I am feeling it!

Now for my Huh? moment of today...

Jason Mraz ft Lil Wayne and Jah Cure - I'm Yours Remix

"I'm Yours" is one of my favorite songs and Jason Mraz and Jah Cure are two of my favorite artists, but why is Lil Wayne on here? But I will have to admit that he does sound better on here and his lyrics are good for a chance; why can't Lil Wayne sound like this more often? Still he does not fit with this song!

Here are three others I forgot to mention...

Smokey Robinson - Don't Know Why

Smokey and a Norah Jones cover equals magic! Like someone said he has the voice of an angel!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

I kept forgetting to put this song on here, so here it is! I love the dance party and horror movie mix to this song! Creepy yet entertaining! The plus is an MJ werewolf and blood that looks like confetti (but then it would probably be too fun to kill people in real life)!

Official Video:

Pleasure P - Under

Okay, I only put this video here because Tia Mowry is in it, other than that it is your typical R&B pop song with autotune in it and not really memorable (and I know he can do better than that!). But at least Pleasure P is on his own because he was the best thing about Pretty Ricky (who were the other guys again?). What I do not get is the extra girl in the video and the corny bed/water scene; are those really necessary?

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