Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mini-Reviews: American Idol Finale and Glee

This season's American Idol goes to underdogs! Who would have thought that Kris Allen would have won when the show began. About six of the other contestants, Adam, Allison, Danny, Lil Rounds, Matt and Anoop, were ahead of him in terms of who would get the top spot. Kris was a shy guy with very little confidence in his own performing at the beginning of the show. Gradually, we saw him break out of that shell and prove that he could hold his own. The two weeks in which Allen performed "She Works Hard for the Money" (sounded better than the original by Donna Summer) and "Ain't No Sunshine" pushed him into the top of the group. However, it was a shocker when he landed in the top 2 and even more of a shocker when he was chosen over the expected winner, Adam Lambert.

I am actually glad that Kris won instead of Adam and here are my reasons:

1) Kris was the dark horse of the competition and it is always remarkable to see the dark horse slowlytake over the top spot.

2) It shows that the judges are not always right and sometimes their comments backfire. On Tuesday, they kept praising Adam and I actually liked Kris more.

3) Do not get me wrong, I love Adam also, but I feel that he is too over the top sometimes. Adam needs to know when to tone it down and hold back more. His screaming distracts too much from the song. He ruined the song "A Change is Gonna Come" (which is one of my favorite songs) and Kris sounded better singing "No Boundaries." I like Kris's laidback approach to singing and he reminds me of Jason Mraz.

However, I feel there is a negative side to why Kris won. Many people know that Adam is gay and Kris is Christian. Maybe, the midwest folks supported Kris more because they did not want a gay American idol. If that is the case, that is just wrong because Adam is just as talented as Kris and deserved to win, too.

Remember the days when it was not cool to be part of glee club or show choir. Well, those days are over. The new Fox show is a mix of Disney's High School Musical and Nickelodeon's Spectacular with an actual compeling story. Using High School Musical's idea of not "Sticking to the Status Quo," the show is about Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison from South Pacific), a teacher who takes on the daunting task of leading the glee club back to glory. Not only does he have to deal with the club, but a wife who wants him to give up on his dreams and become an accountant so he can provide better for his family.

What is great about the glee club in this show is the group of misfits that it is made of, all of whom are different from each other in every way but come together through music. Here is the line-up: a performing arts obsessed perfectionist who sees glee club as a ticket to fame (Rachel), a wannabe diva who thinks she is Beyonce not Kelly (Mercedes, ouch!), an outcast with a big voice but stuttering problem (Tina), a flamboyant show boy (Kurt), a nerdy guitarist who is constantly avoiding bullies (Artie) and a football jock who secretly wants to be a singer (Finn). I cannot get enough of this show and it is only the first episode! Too bad I have to wait till Fall to see more of it. Boohoo!

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Anonymous said...

i'm so glad kris won. i loved both of them but in the end kris stole my heart. i actually disagree with something though. i thought adam's "a change is gonna come" was his best performance since "tracks of my tears" and his performance of "one" was his worst ever. strange how that happens but my ears are controlling my brain lol.

i absolutely loved kris's "what's going on" and i'm very critical of anyone who attempts marvin gaye so that just goes to show how awesome kris is.