Monday, February 15, 2010

"Brand New Flava In Your Ear"

After We Are the World 25, I need to purge, here is some good music to help.

1) VV Brown - Shark in the Water

Her voice, the melody, the guitar riff (lyrics kinda corny, but oh well)! She seems like someone who has been transported from the early 60s Soul era and brought to today! Also, she is from the UK! What is it about UK exports that I love so much (Adele, The Noisettes, Amy Winehouse, The Zutons, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones,The Beatles, shall I go on?)? C'mon America step up!

official video:

2) Game Rebellion - Blind

Have you heard of Black Rock? Have you heard of Game Rebellion? Haven't heard of either...Shame on you!!! This is a song you can definitely mash pit to and be inspired by! These guys are on the rise! Speaking of that, vote for the video here:

3) Janelle Monae -Tightrope ft. Big Boi

Ever since Many moons, I have been infatuated! She is so fresh and different! I love that her songs make me want to dance (listen to the horns) and think at the same time, including this uplifting joint.

4) Erykah Badu

Jump in the Air (And Stay There) ft. Lil Wayne

As usual, Erykah Badu never disappoints me, but again Lil Wayne finds a way to almost ruin a song for me (Listen to We are the World 25). Well, minus Weezy, I love the beat, the lyrics and her vocals on this track, especially the smooth "oohs."

Window Seat ft. Questlove

If you need to get away from the previous collabo, here is one that might make you very happy! It made me happy! Questlove's drumming fits perfectly with this soul ballad and Erykah's sweet voice.

6) Big Tone - Chocolate

This video was directed by DWELE!!!!! Even though this is Hip-Hop, this guy has me believing this is Soul music! Hip-hop is definitely not dead and here is an example. This song is dope and deep! (haha, alliteration...look it up!)

7) Leela James - Tell Me You Love Me

Her face is scaring me! Just kidding...kind of. Anyways, she is part of Stax Records (I know, it is back!), what more can I say! Ok, I will say this... I love you Leela and this song. There, I told you!

8) Melanie Fiona - You Stop My Heart

It's The Ronettes - Melanie Fiona style! I know, you were expecting The Supremes (typical!) My reaction to the song - "awww, adorable!" She already won my heart covering Sam Cooke's "Cupid," now this!