Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Covers, Samples, Reworks and Answer Songs"

Ever wonder what the original version of a song sounded like or who created it? In this new feature, I will give you songs that have led to hit cover songs, been used as samples in R&B and Hip-hop songs, and led to songs that answered them back. Here we go:

Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise" was on his 1976 album, Songs in the Key of Life. The song was about how we as a society needed to change our social problems, and stop living in the past hoping that it could have been better, but to make a better future for our children. In 1995, Coolio sampled and rewrote some of the lyrics the song to create "Gangsta's Paradise," which was on the Dangerous Minds soundtrack and featured the R&B singer L.V. With this song, Coolio changed the lyrics to reflect the hard lives of inner-city black youths, which was very different from Wonder's more positive message.

Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise

Coolio feat. L.V. - Gangsta's Paradise

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