Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music Note #12: Bored Suburban Kids with Little Talent

Have you heard of Rebecca Black? Yeah, the Friday girl. Well, she is not only one. Actually, there is a several other young suburban girls from the Ark Music Factory. In our media and celebrity-obsessed culture where getting attention and fame is more important than talent, it is no wonder that these girls are being manufactured. Why not start them out young (obviously these girls have nothing better to do, like enjoy their teenage years), and the label is not wasting any time. You think Black is bad, just see this 12-year-old sex kitten wannabe, Jenna Rose. Where are her parents because this is close to selling your child into the kiddie porn business. "OMG" is the title of the song and it fits perfectly because I am sitting her with my jaw open. Using a Donna Summer "Bad Girls" reference does not help either. Can the music industry get any worse than this?

I feel genuinely sick...

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