Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Afropunk!

Via Bold As Love

"Here's some video from two CUNY Graduate Journalism students, and it incorporates a sense of the sights and sounds at the festival along with short interviews with a few folks attending. What's cool is that it underscores the fact that community is so important. That is, everyone needs a place where they don't feel like an outsider, if only so you and get your energy back up to go out and fight the good fight."

From NY Times

"It’s easy to point to icons like Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Lil’ Kim and Busta Rhymes as Brooklyn’s finest, musically speaking. But the latest installment of the Afro-Punk festival, which bills itself as “the other black experience,” questions the idea that African-American culture and hip-hop have to go hand in hand.

With more than 20 bands, from Ninjasonik, to punk legends Bad Brains, to tween rockers The Bots, Afro-Punk explores the pocket of life where punk rock, hip-hop and urban culture collide — all in musically and ethnically diverse Brooklyn. This past weekend at Commodore Barry Park, inside the chain link fences on the hot and shadeless blacktop, people of all colors, shapes and styles converged and pushed the definition of Brooklyn music. From the cackles and rhythm of skateboards grinding on ramps built for the festival’s skating competition, to the beats of Belikos, the festival showed how creative and diverse this lesser-known Brooklyn sound, and the culture it fosters, can be."

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nappy headed black girl said...

Thank you for this. I love's my favorite. I've always wanted to go to this festival but never have the money (to travel there).

It'd be cool to look around at a concert with music I enjoy and see more faces that look like mine.

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